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  • Arcade game where you are in control of the Raven!
  • You need to feed on various things to be able to survive.

The main goal is to stay alive and to get as much points as possible.

Health up:

• Drink water,
• Fruits or
• little critters

Health lost:

• Time
• Colliding with big animals
• Poisonous mushrooms


• Touching little critters
• Collecting Swords
• Collecting treasures
• Collecting golden coins from the thief on the horse.


• Tilt the device left or right to turn
• Tilt the device up or down to look up or down
• Swipe up to move your wings
• Swipe down to glide
• The arrow on the left indicates speed
• To speed up move it higher by touching anywhere in the screen and move up.
• To slow down move it lower by touching anywhere in the screen and move down.




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